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Table 2 Summary of Current Clinical Trials for Bone Metastatic Cancers

From: Current concepts in bone metastasis, contemporary therapeutic strategies and ongoing clinical trials

Therapy Clinical Trial Description Multiple Cancers Prostate Breast Renal Thyroid Lung Myeloma
Radiotherapy Hypofractionated radiotherapy regimen NCT02376322       
SBRT vs EBRT NCT00922974       
1 vs 2 fractions of EBRT NCT02699697       
Dose regimen of radiotherapy NCT02163226       
SBRT + ADT NCT02563691       
IMRT vs EBRT NCT02832830       
EBRT +/− hyperthermia NCT01842048       
Surgery +/− postoperative radiotherapy NCT02705183       
Treatment of opiod refractory pain with pituitary radiosurgery NCT02637479       
LHRH agonist + Enzulutamide +/− SBRT   NCT02685397      
ADT +/− radiotherapy   NCT02913859      
SBRT + anti PD-1 antibody    NCT02303366     
SBRT with sunitinib     NCT02019576    
FDG-PET guided radiotherapy with conventional dose vs FDG-PET with SBRT dose escalation NCT01429493       
Conventional radiotherapy vs SBRT NCT02364115       
SBRT workflow NCT02145286       
SBRT NCT02880319       
Single fraction SSRTvs multple fraction SSRT NCT02608866       
Zoledronic acid + high dose radiotherapy or low dose radiotherapy       NCT02480634  
Conventional radiotherapy vs SBRT NCT02512965       
Observation vs SBRT vs SBRT +18F–DCFPyL   NCT02680587      
Small Molecule Zoledronic acid (prevention)       NCT02622607 NCT02286830
Docetaxel + zoledronic acid +/− apatinib       NCT03127319  
Dose escalation of sirolimus + cyclophosphamide, methotrexate, zolendronic acid NCT02517918       
Dosing scheducle of pamidronate or denosumab or zolendronate NCT02721433       
Zoledronic acid or densoumab +/− amorphous calcium carbonate   NCT02864784      
Calcifediol + denosumab or zoledronic acid NCT02274623       
Cabozantinib   NCT01703065      
Receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor NCT02219711       
Selinexor (selective inhibitor of nuclear export)   NCT02215161      
Docetaxel + clarithromycin vs cabazitaxel + clarithromycin   NCT03043989      
Enzalutamide + LHRH analogue therapy vs bicalutamide + LHRH analogue therapy   NCT02058706      
Copper + disulfram   NCT02963051      
Palbociclib + tamoxifen    NCT02668666     
Denosumab + enzalutamide +/− abiraterone and prednisone   NCT02758132      
Mab Dosing schedule of denosumab NCT02051218       
Denosumab in patients with circulating tumor cells plus bone metastasis    NCT03070002     
Denosumab + hormonal therapy    NCT01952054     
Pembrolizumab   NCT02787005      
Radium 223 +/− pembrolizumab   NCT03093428      
Radioisotopes ADT +/− radium 223   NCT02582749      
Hormonal therapy +/− radium 223    NCT02258464     
EBRT +/− radium 223   NCT02484339      
Radium 223   NCT03062254    NCT02390934 NCT02283749  
Cellular therapy Genetically modified dendritic cells + cytokine induced killer cells       NCT02688686  
Sipuleucel-T +/− radiation therapy   NCT01833208      
Engineered autologous T cells + cyclophosphamide   NCT01140373      
Dendritic cell based cryoimmunotherapy + cyclophosphamide +/− ipilimumab   NCT02423928      
Sipuleucell-T +/− radium 223   NCT02463799      
HIFU HIFU vs EBRT NCT01091883       
MRI guided HIFU NCT03106675       
Surgery Surgery +/− radiation therapy NCT01428895       
Radical Prostatectomy + ADT   NCT02454543      
Intraoperative radiotherapy with kyphoplasty   NCT02480036      
Kyphoplasty vs vertebroplasty NCT02700308       
Resection of primary breast tumor in stage IV patients    NCT02125630     
Other Modified Polio virus   NCT03071328      
Somatostatin   NCT02631616      
Intermittant Fasting   NCT02710721      
Bifunctional macromolecular poly-bisphosphonate   NCT02825628      
Thermal ablation + steriotactic radiosurgery NCT02713269       
Pembrolizumab + pTVG-HP plasmid DNA vaccine   NCT02499835      
Isometric resistance training NCT02847754       
Fentanyl transmucosal NCT02426697       
Fentynl intranasal NCT03071744       
Tanezumab (for pain) NCT02609828       
QOL with denosumab or bisphosphonates NCT02839291       
Cryoablation NCT02511678