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Table 1 Comparison of clinical, morphology, immunophenotype and genetics features between SMCL and classic MCL

From: Smoldering mantle cell lymphoma

  SMCL Classic MCL
Clinical features
 B symptom without with or without
 Serum LDH normal elevated or normal
 Serum β2-MG normal elevated or normal
 MIPI low risk low to high risk
 Ki-67 < 30% ≥30%
Max tumor diameter < 3 cm ≥3 cm
SUV of PET/CT ≤ 6 > 6
evaluation every 3 mons no tumor growth having tumor growth
 Origin germinal or post-germinal center antigen-naïve pregerminal center
 Cytology non-blastoid/pleomorphic small cell, classic, pleomorphic, or blastic
 CD5 low high
 CD38 low high
 CD23 high low
 CD200 high low
 light chain restriction kappa lambda
TP53 low high
NOTCH1/2 low high
C-myc low high
 Cyclin D1 mRNA low high
 Cell cycle G1 or before S
  1. MCL mantle cell lymphoma, LDH lactic dehydrogenase, β2-MG β2-microglobulin, MIPI mantle cell lymphoma International prognostic index, Max maximum, SUV standardized uptake value, PET/CT positron emission tomography/computerized tomography