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Table 1 Association between RHBDD1 expression and metastatic parameters in colorectal cancer patients

From: RHBDD1 promotes colorectal cancer metastasis through the Wnt signaling pathway and its downstream target ZEB1

Metastatic parameters N RHBDD1 expression P valuea
negative positive
Lymphatic metastasis     P < 0.001
 No 341 220(65%) 121(35%)  
 Yes 198 92(46%) 106(54%)  
Distal metastasis     P < 0.05b
 No 49 31(63%) 18(37%)  
 Yes 97 44(45%) 53(55%)  
  1. Lymphatic metastasis, No, N0; Yes, N1 and N2; Distal metastasis, No, local recurrence and implantation metastasis; Yes, distal metastasis
  2. aFisher’s exact test was used for obtaining the P value
  3. bOne-tailed (other P values in the article are all two-tailed)