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Table 1 Inhibitors of lipid enzymes involved in CSCS

From: Emerging role of lipid metabolism alterations in Cancer stem cells

Metabolism type Drug Targeting enzyme Cancer type Stage
Lipogenesis Resveratrol FASN Breast cancer CSCs [104, 209].
Glioblastoma CSCs [210, 231].
Pancreatic CSCs [232]
Clinical Trial
Cerulenin FASN Glioma CSCs [103], Pancreatic CSCs [91] Pre-clinical
Orlistat FASN NSCLC [203] FDA-approved anti-obesity drug
Lipid uptake CD36 antibody CD36 OSCC [126] Pre-clinical
MTN CD36 Glioblastoma CSCs [125] Pre-clinical
FAO Etomoxir CPT1A MYC-overexpressing TNBC [129], leukemia [219, 220] Pre-clinical
ST1326 CPT1A Lymphoma [170], acute myeloid leukemia [221] Pre-clinical
Lipid desaturation SSI-4 SCD1 Liver CSCs [176], Pre-clinical
BetA SCD1 CRC [184] Pre-clinical
PluriSin#1 SCD1 Teratomas [148]
MF-438 SCD1 Lung cancer CSCs [177] Pre-clinical
A939572 SCD1 CRC [185], clear cell renal cell carcinoma [233] Pre-clinical
Cay10566 SCD1 Breast Carcinoma [216] Pre-clinical
T-3764518 SCD1 CRC [234] Pre-clinical
  1. OSCC oral squamous cell carcinomas, CRC colorectal cancer, TNBC triple-negative breast cancer, MTN 2-methylthio-1,4-naphthoquinone, FAO fatty acid β-oxidation