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Fig. 2

From: PTEN lipid phosphatase inactivation links the hippo and PI3K/Akt pathways to induce gastric tumorigenesis

Fig. 2

PTEN lipid phosphatase inactivation promotes tumor growth in nude mice

BGC823 and SGC7901 stable cells infected with an empty vector, wild-type PTEN, or dominant-negative mutant type PTEN C124S (Mut 1) or G129E (Mut 2) lentiviral were injected subcutaneously into nude mice. a, e Representative live imaging of tumors formed in nude mice at days 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 (n = 8) and b, f quantification of tumor growth curves. c, g All tumors isolated from the mice. d, h quantification of tumor weight *, p < 0.05; **, p < 0.01.

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