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Table 1 Summary of protein identification results

From: SWATH-MS based quantitative proteomics analysis reveals that curcumin alters the metabolic enzyme profile of CML cells by affecting the activity of miR-22/IPO7/HIF-1α axis

Samples Ctrl-K562 Curcu-K562
Ctrl-K562_1 Ctrl-K562_2 Curcu-K562_1 Curcu-K562_2
Ctrl-K562_1_1 Ctrl-K562_1_2 Ctrl-K562_2_1 Ctrl-K562_2_2 Curcu-K562_1_1 Curcu-K562_1_2 Curcu-K562_2_1 Curcu-K562_2_2
Numbers of proteins in DDA protein library 2061
Numbers of peptides in DDA protein library 13616
Numbers of proteins quantified in SWATH analysis 1801
Numbers (and percentage) of quantified protein with CV ≤ 25% among technical and biological replicates 1629 (90.7%) 1632 (90.8%)