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Fig. 1

From: Recent advances in searching c-Myc transcriptional cofactors during tumorigenesis

Fig. 1

Cooperation between c-Myc and Che-1 or INI1 cofactor. a In physiological conditions, Che-1 exerts its function of RNA polimerase II binding protein in controlling autophagy, proliferation and proteasomal degradation and apoptosis (b) In tumor context (e.g. BCP-ALL), Che-1 functions as c-Myc cofactor in induction of blast cell proliferation. c In physiological conditions, INI1, a member of SWI/SNF complex, may regulate c-Myc transcriptional activity preventing binding to c-Myc target genes and favoring the transcription of the genes repressed by c-Myc. d In specific tumor context (i.e. rhabdoid cells), INI1 mutation (*) allows the transcription of c-Myc-regulated target genes

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