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Fig. 3

From: Recent advances in searching c-Myc transcriptional cofactors during tumorigenesis

Fig. 3

Cooperation between c-Myc and YAP/TAZ or HSF1 cofactor (a) Phosphorilation of YAP/TAZ by Hippo signaling pathway promotes cytoplasmic localization and ubiquitin-mediated degradation. Unphosphorilated YAP/TAZ translocate in the nucleus where they control tissue growth and cell viability (b) Nuclear localizazion of YAP/TAZ was observed in several tumors, where they cooperate with c-Myc in the induction of tumorigenic pathways (c) HSF1 when trimerized and phosphorilated translocates in the nucleus where it binds HSEs DNA sequences to control heat shock proteins (d) In hepatocellular tumors, HSF1 overexpression correlates with c-Myc-dependent control of genes involved in tumorigenic pathways

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