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Table 3 Simulated radiation absorbed dose to humans extrapolated from 131I-5-IPN in B16F10 melanoma-bearing C57BL/6 mice

From: Targeted radiotherapy of pigmented melanoma with 131I-5-IPN

Organs Radiation absorbed dose (mSv/MBq)
Brain 1.27E-02
Heart 1.08E-01
Lungs 1.29E-01
Liver 2.50E-01
Spleen 1.25E-01
Kidney 1.73E-02
Stomach 1.45E-02
Red marrow 3.43E-03
Osteogenic cells 9.11E-03
Effective Dose 9.08E-02
  1. Extrapolated radiation absorbed dose for a 70 kg male adult