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Table 1 Top 10 dysregulated circRNAs in CRC

From: RNA sequencing reveals the expression profiles of circRNA and indicates that circDDX17 acts as a tumor suppressor in colorectal cancer

CircRNA ID Log2FCa P value regulation chromosome circBase ID Gene Name
circASPHD1 5.80 2.82E-04 up chr16 hsa_circ_0105346 ASPHD1
circPVT1 5.59 3.81E-05 up chr8 hsa_circ_0001821 PVT1
circSPIDR 5.03 5.95E-03 up chr8 hsa_circ_0084188 SPIDR
circFGD6 4.45 1.89E-02 up chr12 hsa_circ_0099548 FGD6
circHOMER1 4.34 9.73E-03 up chr5 hsa_circ_0006916 HOMER1
circAPLP2 4.28 3.49E-04 up chr11 hsa_circ_0000372 APLP2
circCDK8 4.24 1.92E-03 up chr13 hsa_circ_0029803 CDK8
circMACROD1 4.20 1.33E-03 up chr11 hsa_circ_0096088 MACROD1
circVAPA 4.16 6.51E-04 up chr18 hsa_circ_0006990 VAPA
circTRAPPC9 4.16 1.03E-03 up chr8 hsa_circ_0004380 TRAPPC9
circPRKAG2 −8.90 2.52E-06 down chr7 PRKAG2
circITGAL −8.15 8.91E-06 down chr16 ITGAL
circITFG2 −7.32 1.28E-03 down chr12 hsa_circ_0000374 ITFG2
circABTB1 −6.89 3.48E-05 down chr3 hsa_circ_0067175 ABTB1
circDDX17 −5.43 5.20E-05 down chr22 hsa_circ_0002211 DDX17
circTRPM4 −5.23 1.65E-04 down chr19 hsa_circ_0005317 TRPM4
circAMBRA1 −4.73 8.93E-04 down chr11 hsa_circ_0009155 AMBRA1
circSCAND2P −4.36 1.46E-04 down chr15 hsa_circ_0036592 SCAND2P
circLMF1 −4.22 1.55E-03 down chr16 hsa_circ_0007701 LMF1
circGIGYF1 −4.13 4.42E-03 down chr7 hsa_circ_0006271 GIGYF1
  1. aFC fold change