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Fig. 1

From: Star-related lipid transfer protein 10 (STARD10): a novel key player in alcohol-induced breast cancer progression

Fig. 1

Expression of STARD10 in breast cells and tissues. a STARD10 mRNA level from 28 independent breast cancer microarrays of DCIS and IDC (GEO database) compared to normal breast tissue. The database normalized STARD10 expression by RMA (robust multi-array average) method. *p < 0.001 vs. normal breast. b RT-PCR analysis of STARD10 and ERBB2 expression in 10 primary ERBB2-positive human breast tumors compared to normal breast tissues. Western blotting analysis of STARD10, ERBB2, pERK, and ERK (right panel). Results represent mean ± SE from 15 samples. *p < 0.04 vs. normal breast. cMCF-12 cells were used as negative control. mRNA levels of STARD10 in MCF-7 and SKBR-3 cells were compared to mRNA expression in MCF-12 cells using RT-PCR. Western blotting was performed to measure STARD10 and ERBB2 protein levels. Results are expressed as a fold relative to control (mean ± SE) from 10 experiments. *p < 0.002 vs. STARD10 MCF-12 cells

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