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Fig. 2

From: Melatonin synergizes BRAF-targeting agent vemurafenib in melanoma treatment by inhibiting iNOS/hTERT signaling and cancer-stem cell traits

Fig. 2

Melatonin enhanced the inhibition of cell migration and invasion by vemurafenib’ (a). Cell migration was analyzed by a scratch assay. A375 cells and SK-mel-28 cells were grown to full confluency. The cell monolayers were wounded with a sterile pipette tip, and washed with medium to remove detached cells from the plates. Then the cells were treated with vemurafenib (VE) (2.5 μM), melatonin (MT) (1.0 mM) or combinational treatment. After 36 h, the wound gap was observed and photographed. (b). The distance of migration cells were calculated relative to the original gap. (c). Cell invasion was analyzed by a transwell assay, and the invaded cells were stained and observed. (d). The invasion cells number were presented. (e). EMT markers: MMP1, Vimentin, E-cadherin and β-caternin was respectively detected by Western blot assay in melanoma cells with indicated treatment.*P < 0.05, significant differences between the VE + MT-treated groups and the VE-treated groups

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