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Table 1 Half-maximal inhibitory concentration value (IC50) for selected kinase inhibitors

From: Kinase inhibitor library screening identifies synergistic drug combinations effective in sensitive and resistant melanoma cells

  1. Parental and BRAFi-resistant A375 melanoma cells underwent treatment for 72 h with 3-fold serial dilutions of each kinase inhibitor and cell viability was assessed with the PrestoBlue Cell Viability assay. The IC50values (nM) were calculated as described in Methods. Values represent the mean of at least three biological replicates. Highlighted in grey are inhibitors chosen for synergy studies and marked additionally with a hash (#) are inhibitors chosen for long-term testing. “n.e.”: not efficient, inhibitors did not suppress growth below 50% in the tested concentration range. “-”: values could not be determined in GraphPad. SD: standard deviation; -XP: cells resistant to Vemurafenib, -GP: cells resistant to Dabrafenib