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Table 1 list of antibodies used for western blot

From: DRAM2 acts as an oncogene in non-small cell lung cancer and suppresses the expression of p53

Antibody name Brand Catalog number Host Dilution
DRAM2 Abcam 121,554 Rabbit 1:200
DRAM2 SIGMA hpa-18,036 Mouse 1:1000
GAPDH Beyotime AF0006 Mouse 1:1000
RAC1 Proteintech 66,122-I-lg Mouse 1:500
RhoA Cell SignalingTechnology Inc. 2117 Rabbit 1:1000
RhoB Santa Cru. sc-180 Rabbit 1:100
RhoC Cell SignalingTechnology Inc. 3430 Rabbit 1:1000
Rock1 Wanlei Bio. Wl01761 Rabbit 1:500
 CDK4 Cell SignalingTechnology Inc. 12,790 Rabbit 1:1000
 CyclinD3 Cell SignalingTechnology Inc. 2936 Rabbit 1:1000
 p27 Proteintech 25,614-I-AP Rabbit 1:500
 P53 Proteintech 10,442-I-AP Rabbit 1:500
 P21 Proteintech 10,355-I-AP Rabbit 1:500