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Fig. 1

From: Overexpression of the cohesin-core subunit SMC1A contributes to colorectal cancer development

Fig. 1

Comprensive analysis of SMC1A-cohesin gene at different steps during CRC development. OncoScan was used to obtain both CNVs and LOH in mucosa (n = 16), early adenoma (n = 16) and carcinoma (n = 16) samples. a CNVs profile in mucosa. b CNVs profile in adenomas. c CNVs profile in carcinoma showing the gain of whole chromosomes 7, 13, and X and the loss of chromosome 18. d Mutational screening in colorectal early adenomas and carcinoma allowed us to identify twenty-five SMC1A mutations (16 mutations in carcinomas and 9 in adenomas, see Table 2). Example of representative SMC1A sequencing is reported showing the nucleotide change c.G1966A (leading to p.A656T amino acid change) identified in patient 6. e Diagram of the SMC1A protein with mutations identified in carcinomas (above) and adenomas (below). The protein length is not in scale. f Percentage of subjects (n = 66) analyzed by SMC1A immunohistochemistry and showing strong, moderate and weak intensity. g Examples of representative immunohistochemistry results are shown. It is evident that the expression of SMC1A protein increased during cancer development

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