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Fig. 3

From: Overexpression of the cohesin-core subunit SMC1A contributes to colorectal cancer development

Fig. 3

Gene expression profile in induced tumors. a RNA-seq data shows that HCT116 SMC1A wild-type induced tumors display 401 up- and 343 down-regulated genes, whereas HCT116 SMC1A c.A2027G-induced tumors show 486 up- and 256 down-regulated genes. b Venn diagram showing that HCT116 SMC1A wild-type and HCT116 SMC1A c.A2027G share sixty-eight dysregulated genes. c Heatmap of sixty-eight dysregulated genes showing that the transcriptional effects were very small, with fold changes ranging from + 0.8 to − 0.8

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