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Fig. 2

From: miR-96-5p targets PTEN expression affecting radio-chemosensitivity of HNSCC cells

Fig. 2

High expression of miR-96-5p promotes cell migration in HNSCC cell lines carrying mutant p53 protein. Two HNSCC cell lines (Cal 27, FaDu) were transfected with miR-96-5p mimic and inhibitor. The efficiency of transfection was evaluated by RT-qPCR in Cal 27 (a-c) and FaDu (e-g) cells. b, d, f, h Representative micrographs of transwell migration in Cal 27 (b-d) and FaDu (f-h) cell lines, DAPI staining was used to quantify the migrated cells on the outer surface of the filter. Histogram shows the number of migrated cells after using miR-96-5p mimic (b, f) and miR-96-5p inhibitor (d, h) in the Cal 27 and FaDu cell lines. Bars show the means of at least two experiments performed in triplicate. The p-value refers to matched control versus miR-96-5p mimic and miR-96-5p inhibitor transfected samples.*P < 0.05; **P < 0.001; ***P < 0.0001. NC: Negative control

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