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Fig. 6

From: Discovery of a natural small-molecule compound that suppresses tumor EMT, stemness and metastasis by inhibiting TGFβ/BMP signaling in triple-negative breast cancer

Fig. 6

ZL170 inhibits TNBC osteolytic bone metastasis and xenograft tumor growth by targeting the TGFβ and BMP signaling pathways. a and b BLI images (a) and quantification (b) of bone lesions from nude mice that were intracardially injected with SCP2 cells labelled with firefly luciferase and then received treatment of vehicle or ZL170 (i.p., 80 mg/kg/day for 2 consecutive weeks; n = 6 mice). c and d μ-CT images (c) and quantification (d) of osteolytic lesions from vehicle- and ZL170-treated mice (n = 6 mice). Circled area denotes osteolytic lesions on the bone surface and arrows depict fractured cortical bone shown in cross-section scanning images. e H.E. staining of bone sections from vehicle- and ZL170-treated mice (n = 6 mice). T, tumor cells; B, bone. f and g TRAP staining images (f) and quantification (g) of TRAP+ osteoclasts of bone sections from vehicle- and ZL170-treated mice. (n = 6). (h) A dose-dependent inhibition of ZL170 on the growth of MDA-MB-231 xenograft tumors (n = 6 mice). The compound was administrated at 20, 40 and 80 mg/kg for 16 consecutive days starting from day 14 when tumor volume reached ~ 100 mm3. i, k and m Immunohistochemical analyses of Ki67 and phospho-histone H3 (i), phospho-Smad2/3 and phospho-Smad5 (j), and Snail, Slug and Nanog (i) in vehicle- and ZL170-treated xenograft tumors (n = 6). j, l and n Quantification of Ki67+ and phospho-histone H3+ (j), phospho-Smad2/3+ and phospho-Smad5+ (k), and Snail+, Slug+ and Nanog+ (n) cells in the indicated xenograft tumors (n = 6). Data are represented as mean ± S.D. ** P < 0.01, two-sided Student’s t-test. Scale bars = 700 μm (c) and 20 μm (e, f, i, k, m)

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