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Table 4 Summary of ongoing studies to evaluate safety profile and efficacy of PEGPH20 in multiple cancers

From: Therapeutic challenges and current immunomodulatory strategies in targeting the immunosuppressive pancreatic tumor microenvironment

Intervention Phase Targeting Cancers Primary Outcome Measures Clinical Trial Identifier
PEGPH20 + pembrolizumab II Metastatic pancreatic cancer Progression free survival (PFS) NCT03634332
PEGPH20 + gemcitabine + RT II Localized, unresectable pancreatic cancer Number of participants with adverse events NCT02910882
PEGPH20 + gemcitabine + nab-paclitaxel + rivaroxaban N/A Advanced pancreatic cancer Rate of symptomatic thromboembolic events NCT02921022
PEGPH20 + gemcitabine + nab paclitaxel vs Placebo + gemcitabine + nab-paclitaxel III Stage IV previously untreated pancreatic cancer PFS & Overall Survival NCT02715804
PEGPH20 + gemcitabine + nab-paclitaxel vs PEGPH20 alone II pancreatic cancer Pathologic complete response, clinically relevant pancreatic fistula NCT02487277
PEGPH20 + avelumab I Chemotherapy resistant pancreatic cancer Overall response rate & safety profile NCT03481920
PEGPH20 + pembrolizumab Ib Relapsed/ refractory non-small cell lung cancer & gastric cancer Overall response rate NCT02563548
PEGPH20 + eribulin mesylate vs eribulin mesylate alone Ib/II Metastatic breast cancer Recommended phase II dose, overall response rate NCT02753595
PEGPH20 + Cisplatin (CIS) + Gemcitabine (GEM) vs PEGPH20 + Atezolizumab + CIS + GEM vs CIS + GEM I Cholangiocarcinoma & Gallbladder cancer Treatment adverse events and objective response rate NCT03267940