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Fig. 2

From: SNHG15 is a bifunctional MYC-regulated noncoding locus encoding a lncRNA that promotes cell proliferation, invasion and drug resistance in colorectal cancer by interacting with AIF

Fig. 2

a Genomic locus of SNHG15 and its different transcript variants annotated in Gencode V29. The most highly expressed variant is shown in dark blue. b Coding potential of SNHG15 in comparison with GAPDH (as a coding-protein gene) determined with coding potential assessment tool (CPAT). c Location of the E-box biding motifs in the SNHG15 sequence and MYC binding to these regions confirmed by ChIP-seq in different cancerous cell lines. d Expression of SNHG15 in CRC tumors with high or low MYC expression (TCGA). Significance was determined by unpaired student’s t-test (p value < 0.001). e SNHG15 RNA level after depletion of MYC in LoVo cells. p value is calculated by two-tailed Student’s t-test (p value < 0.01)

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