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Fig. 3

From: SNHG15 is a bifunctional MYC-regulated noncoding locus encoding a lncRNA that promotes cell proliferation, invasion and drug resistance in colorectal cancer by interacting with AIF

Fig. 3

a SNHG15 and SNORA9 RNA level after knockdown with the two siRNAs separately or in combination in LoVo cells. b Cell proliferation measured by MTS assay after inhibition of SNHG15 in LoVo cells. c SNHG15 and SNORA9 expression levels in SW620 cells after inhibition of SNHG15 with siRNAs. d Proliferation capacity of SW620 after SNHG15 knockdown. e The results of colony formation assay performed quantified after 10 days of inhibition in LoVo cell line and (f) in SW620 cell line. g Cell-cycle phase distribution of LoVo cells determined by propidium iodide-staining (h) Percentage of apoptotic LoVo cells after staining with annexin V and 7-AAD (i) Number of LoVo cells invading through the membrane under the indicated conditions in the transwell assay. j Invading LoVo cells stained on transwell chambers after 48 h in each condition. The statistical analysis is performed by two-tailed Student’s t-test and graphs shows mean ± SEM of values (*p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001)

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