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Fig. 6 | Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research

Fig. 6

From: Fn14 overcomes cisplatin resistance of high-grade serous ovarian cancer by promoting Mdm2-mediated p53-R248Q ubiquitination and degradation

Fig. 6

Overexpression Fn14 alleviates cisplatin resistance in vivo. (a-c) Macrograph, volume and weight of tumors in both two groups. (d) Tunel assay was used to determine the CDDP-induced DNA damage in the tumors of each group. (e) Western blot analysis detecting the activation of Caspase-3 and the expression of p53 R248Q and Hsp90 in tumor tissues in both two groups. (f) and (g) Tumors of each group were immunohistochemically tested for Fn14, Hsp90 and p53 R248Q, *p < 0.05. Unpaired Student’s t test was performed for comparisons between two groups

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