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Fig. 4

From: MiR-29b/Sp1/FUT4 axis modulates the malignancy of leukemia stem cells by regulating fucosylation via Wnt/β-catenin pathway in acute myeloid leukemia

Fig. 4

Sp1 is a direct target of miR-29b and positively regulates FUT4 transcriptional level in CD34 + CD38- AML cell lines. a Expression of miR-29b was determined by qRT-PCR in AML cells. MiR-29b was higher in non-LSCs of AML cells. b Negative correlation was analyzed between Sp1 level and miR-29b level (Pearson r = − 0.7875). c Predicted binding sites were presented, and dual-luciferase reporter assays confirmed the directly binding between Sp1 and miR-29b. d High miR-29b partially repressed Sp1 expression in KG-1a cell lines. e Sp1 expression was upregulated after inhibiting miR-29b in KG-1a cell lines. f, g Effect of miR-29b on FUT4 expression through Sp1 alteration in KG-1a cells was shown by qRT-PCR and western blot. h MiR-29b also impacted the binding between Sp1 and FUT4 promoter by ChIP-PCR assay. i Co-transfection of anti-miR-29b and siSp1 effectively impacted FUT4 mRNA (left panel) and protein (right panel) levels. j Alteration of LTL was shown in the transfected KG-1a cell lines by flow cytometry. k Sphere formation ability was measured after transfection in AML cells. l The apoptotic rates were also altered with different treatments. Data are the means ± SD of triplicate determinants (*P < 0.05)

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