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Fig. 5

From: MiR-29b/Sp1/FUT4 axis modulates the malignancy of leukemia stem cells by regulating fucosylation via Wnt/β-catenin pathway in acute myeloid leukemia

Fig. 5

MiR-29b/Sp1/FUT4 crosstalk regulates CD44 fucosylation and activates Wnt/β-catenin pathway in CD34 + CD38- AML cell lines. a LTL-CD44 level was altered with mediation of FUT4, while total CD44 showed no changes. b Modulation of miR-29b and Sp1 caused the altered level of LTL-CD44, and showed no impacts on CD44 level. c With CD44 antibody and LTL treatment, the activity of Wnt/β-catenin pathway was inhibited in LSCs-KG-1a cells by western blot. d Co-transfection of anti-miR-29b and siSp1 also impacted the activation of the cascade by western blot. e Co-treatment of DKK and shFUT4 suppressed the pathway activity. f DKK and shFUT4 impacted the sphere formation ability of LSCs-KG-1a. LTL blocking assays also suppressed the proliferation. g Ki67 staining also indicated the attenuated proliferation of LSCs-KG-1a cells with the treatment DKK, shFUT4 or LTL blocking. h Apoptotic rates of LSCs-KG-1a were increased after DKK, shFUT4 treatment or LTL blocking by flow cytometry. i TUNEL staining confirmed the apoptotic occurrence. Data are the means ± SD of triplicate determinants (*P < 0.05)

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