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Fig. 6

From: MiR-29b/Sp1/FUT4 axis modulates the malignancy of leukemia stem cells by regulating fucosylation via Wnt/β-catenin pathway in acute myeloid leukemia

Fig. 6

High expression of FUT4 and Sp1 in CD34 + CD38- AML samples correlates with poor survival outcomes. a Higher FUT4 and Sp1 expression were detected in LSCs than non-LSCs of AML samples by qRT-PCR. Decreased miR-29b level was verified in LSCs than non-LSCs of AML samples by qRT-PCR. b Extracted protein of 5 AML patients showed highly FUT4 and Sp1 levels by using western blot. c Positive correlation between Sp1 and FUT4 was analyzed (Pearson r = 0.8467). d Elevated FUT4 and Sp1 levels were closely related with poor AML prognosis. Data are means ± SD of three independent assays (*P < 0.05).

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