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Fig. 2

From: Glioma stem cells-derived exosomal miR-26a promotes angiogenesis of microvessel endothelial cells in glioma

Fig. 2

miR-26a is highly expressed in both glioma tissues and GSCs. a miR-26a expression in normal human glial cells (HEB) and glioma cell lines (SHG-44, BT325, T98G, A172, and U251); b isolation of GSCs from U251 cells using flow cytometry; c miR-26a expression in GSCs and NGSCs; *, p < 0.05, compared with the HEB (a), U251 cells (b), or NGSCs (c); all data were expressed as mean ± standard deviation; comparisons among multiple groups were analyzed by the one-way ANOVA; the experiment was repeated three times; ANOVA, analysis of variance; miR-26a, microRNA-26a; GSCs, glioma stem cells; NGSCs, non-glioma stem cells

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