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Fig. 6 | Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research

Fig. 6

From: Integrated omics-based pathway analyses uncover CYP epoxygenase-associated networks as theranostic targets for metastatic triple negative breast cancer

Fig. 6

CYP epoxygenase overexpression predicts metastasis risk in TNBC patients. a Gene expression levels of CYP epoxygenases and hydroxylases, and soluble epoxide hydrolase related to EET biosynthesis and degradation in the overall and TNBC subset of TCGA specimen. b CYP epoxygenase and hydroxylase, and soluble epoxide hydrolase mRNA expression levels in the METABRIC dataset show a similar pattern to that of the TCGA dataset. c Overall survival plot of the TNBC subset within the METABRIC and TCGA datasets based on mRNA expression levels of CYP2C and CYP2J epoxygenase families. d Population distribution of patients with concurrent CYP epoxygenase upregulation and EPHX3 downregulation within the TCGA discovery set. e Circle plot showing direct unique network relationships of CYP epoxygenase and hydroxylase overexpression, elevated epoxy-metabolites of AA and LA and gene ontology cancer-related biological processes. The cut off value of significant relationships was set by the Benjamini-Hochberg procedure (FDR < 0.01)

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