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Table 3 Overview of ongoing or unpublished clinical trials of STF combined with chemotherapy or radiotherapy

From: Effects of short-term fasting on cancer treatment

Trial, site N Start Tumor type and treatment, STF Primary endpoint
Non-randomized trial, NCT01175837, Mayo clinic, USA 12 2010 Distinct malignancies treated with CT + 24–48 h prior to chemotherapy (distinct regimens) Safety and feasibility
Phase II randomized trial, NCT01802346, USC, USA 120 2013 Breast cancer treated with AC and prostate cancer treated with docetaxel ±96 h (using FMD) during CT Toxicity of CT
Phase II/III Randomized study, NCT02126449, LUMC, the Netherlands 250 2014 Stage II and III Her2 negative breast cancer treated with AC-T or FEC-T. ±96 h (using FMD), during AC-T or FEC-T, no corticosteroids in control arm during AC or FEC Phase II: toxicity of CT
Phase III: pCR
Phase Ib non- randomized trial, NCT02379585, Western Regional Medical Center, USA 10 2015 Breast cancer CT ± 48 h STF pCR
Randomized trial, NCT02710721, Charite University, Berlin, Germany. 60 2016 Advanced metastatic prostate cancer ±60 h (using FMD) during CT vs. Mediterranean diet QOL
Randomized crossover study, NTR5731, Erasmus medical center 18 2016 Metastatic colorectal cancer or other solid tumors receiving irinotecan Dietary restriction including STF 25% reduction of the active irinotecan metabolite, SN38, in healthy liver tissue
Randomized trial, NCT03162289 Charite University, Berlin, Germany. 150 2017 Ovarian or breast cancer ±60 h (using FMD) during CT QOL
Non-randomized trial, NCT03340935, University of Milan, Italy 85 2017 Distinct 5 days (using FMD), 700 kcal a day during cancer treatment Toxicity of CT
Non-randomized trial, NCT03595540, Genova, Italy 60 2017 Distinct 5 days (using FMD), 700 kcal a day during cancer treatment Feasibility
Randomized trial, NCT03709147, Milan, Italy 88 2018 Lung adenocarcinoma ± 5 days (using FMD) during CT in combination with metformin PFS
Randomized trial. NCT03700437, Indiana University, USA 40 2018 Non-small cell lung cancer ± 96 h (using FMD) during carboplatin, pemetrexed and pembrolizumab DNA damage in and count of circulating tumor cells
Studies of STF during radiotherapy
Randomized trial, NCT01754350,
Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Hospitals, Germany
50 2013 Glioblastoma Multiforme ±72 h during reirradiation PFS
  1. USC University of Southern California, CT Chemotherapy, LUMC Leiden University Medical Center, AC-T doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide followed by docetaxel, FEC-T 5-fluorouracil, epirubicin and cyclophosphamide followed by docetaxel, FMD Fasting mimicking diet, pCR pathological complete response, QOL Quality of life, PFS Progression-free survival