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Fig. 4

From: Long non-coding RNA TPTEP1 inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma progression by suppressing STAT3 phosphorylation

Fig. 4

Domain analysis of interaction between STAT3 and TPTEP1. a The STAT3-binding domain in TPTEP1 was identified by RNA pulldown assays in QGY-7703 cells. Left, the structure of TPTEP1 ( Right above, the in vitro transcribed full-length TPTEP1 and deleted fragments showing the correct sizes. Right below, immunoblotting analysis of STAT3 in protein samples pulled down by the different TPTEP1 constructs. b The TPTEP1-binding domain in STAT3 was identified by RIP assays in QGY-7703 cells. Left, immunoblotting analysis of full-length STAT3 and the domain-truncated fragments. Middle, diagrams of full-length STAT3 and the domain-truncated fragments. Right, QGY-7703 cells were transfected with the indicated STAT3-truncated vectors for 24 h ang then the interactions between TPTEP1 and STAT3 truncated fragments were detected by RIP assays. Data are represented as means ± SD (n = 3; *represents P < 0.05)

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