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Fig. 7 | Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research

Fig. 7

From: The regulatory ZFAS1/miR-150/ST6GAL1 crosstalk modulates sialylation of EGFR via PI3K/Akt pathway in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Fig. 7

ST6GAL1 facilitates the sialylation on EGFR and activates PI3K/Akt pathway (a) CR cell was treated with ST6GAL1. Total EGFR, SNA-binding EGFR were analyzed by western blot. b SNA-binding EGFR and total EGFR were analyzed in CR/A cell and transfected shST6GAL1 CR/A cell. c, d The expression of p-EGFR and EGFR was measured in T-ALL cell lines treatment with shST6GAL1 or ST6GAL1. e, f The p-EGFR level was demonstrated in EGF-treated cells. g, h With the mediation of miR-150 and ZFAS1, the main molecular levels of EGFR/PI3K/Akt cascade were detected by western blot

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