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Fig. 1

From: Exosomes from the tumour-adipocyte interplay stimulate beige/brown differentiation and reprogram metabolism in stromal adipocytes to promote tumour progression

Fig. 1

Elevated stromal adipocyte characteristics and metabolite biomarkers in breast cancer are linked to a poor prognosis. a Representative immunohistochemistry staining of UCP1, MCT4, MCT1, CD36, FABP4 and FATP1. The pictures show positive cytoplasmic staining for UCP1 and positive membrane staining for MCT4 and CD36 in stromal adipocytes from breast cancer specimens. The pictures also show positive staining for FATP1 and CD36 in breast cancer tissues located near stromal adipocytes. b Correlation analyses of protein expression levels among UCP1, MCT4, and MCT1. MCT4 versus UCP1 (up) and MCT1 (down). c Kaplan-Meier survival analysis of patients with biomarker-positive and biomarker-negative IHC staining, as well as analysis of the double-positive group versus the double-negative group

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