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Fig. 1

From: GPAA1 promotes gastric cancer progression via upregulation of GPI-anchored protein and enhancement of ERBB signalling pathway

Fig. 1

Chromosomal amplification resulting in aberrantly up-regulated GPAA1 expression is correlated with poor prognosis in gastric cancer. a Copy number analysis of TCGA samples of several types of cancers via the cBioPortal database. b Copy number analysis of GPAA1 in the TCGA stomach carcinoma, oesophageal carcinoma and breast carcinoma databases were performed via the UCSC Xena online tool. c-f GPAA1 expression analysis in tumours and normal tissues using three independent cohorts, (c, GSE51575, n = 26; d, GSE33335, n = 25; e, GSE29272, cardia gastric cancer samples, n = 62; and f, non-cardia gastric cancer samples, n = 72). g GPAA1 expression assessed in paired gastric cancer and normal tissues collected at Ren Ji Hospital, n = 14. h Kaplan-Meier analysis of the overall survival of GC patients according to GPAA1 mRNA expression, generated based on GEO cohorts

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