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Fig. 4

From: GPAA1 promotes gastric cancer progression via upregulation of GPI-anchored protein and enhancement of ERBB signalling pathway

Fig. 4

GPAA1 modulates EFGR-ERBB2 dimerization through influencing lipid raft formation. a Expression of caveolin (a marker of lipid rafts), B-adaptin (a marker of non-lipid rafts) and GPAA1 in GPAA1-knockdown, GPAA1-overexpressing and control SGC-7901 and HGC-27 cells was examined by western blotting. b A co-IP assay was performed to examine the EGFR-ERBB2 interaction in the GPAA1-knockdown, GPAA1-overexpressing and control groups. c The interaction of EGFR with ERBB2 was detected in the sh-Ctrl and sh-GPAA1 groups by an in situ PLA (red dots; n = 3). d-e Co-localization of EGFR and ERBB2 in the sh-ctrl and sh-GPAA1 groups was confirmed by immunofluorescence staining. f-g Expression of EGFR, p-EGFR, ERBB2, p-ERBB2, AKT, p-AKT, and β-actin in the GPAA1-knockdown, GPAA1-overexpressing and control groups was verified by western blotting. h A CCK-8 assay was conducted to evaluate the effect of lapatinib on GPAA1-overexpressing gastric cells. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001

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