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Fig. 7

From: Inhibition of USP14 enhances the sensitivity of breast cancer to enzalutamide

Fig. 7

Co-treatment of enzalutamide and USP14 inhibition suppresses the growth of breast cancer in vivo. BALB/c nude mice subcutaneously injected with MCF-7 cells were treated with enzalutamide (25 mg/kg), IU1 (40 mg/kg), or enzalutamide+IU1 for 17 days. Tumor volume (b) and mouse body weight (d) were measured every other day. At the end of 17 days of treatment, the tumor xenograft was excised, imaged (a), weighed (c), and further processed for TUNEL staining (e). Scale bar, 20 μm. And immunohistochemistry staining for AR, p-AKT, Bax and Ki67 (f). Scale bar, 50 μm. #p < 0.01, &p < 0.001 vs. other treatment group

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