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Fig. 8

From: Inhibition of USP14 enhances the sensitivity of breast cancer to enzalutamide

Fig. 8

Co-treatment of enzalutamide and USP14 knockdown suppresses the growth of breast cancer in vivo. BALB/c nude mice, at one month after inoculation with MCF-7 cells stably expressing either human USP14-speicfic shRNA or control shRNA, were administrated orally with enzalutamide (25 mg/kg, daily) for 17 days. a Xenograft images, (c) tumor weight, (d) mouse body weight, (e) tumor volume were presented. *p < 0.05 vs. other treatment group. b Western blot analysis for AR and USP14 in the cancer cells before inoculation were performed. f Representative micrographs of immunohistochemistry staining for AR, USP14, p-AKT, Bax and Ki67 in explanted tumor tissues. Scale bar, 50 μm

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