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Fig. 3

From: Combined blockade of MEK and PI3KCA as an effective antitumor strategy in HER2 gene amplified human colorectal cancer models

Fig. 3

Effects of refametinib and pictilisib on LIM1215-HER2 and SW48-HER2 tumor xenografts. Mice were injected subcutaneously in the right flank with (a) LIM1215-HER2 and (b) SW48-HER2 cell lines, as described in Materials and Methods. After 2 weeks (average tumor size 200 mm3) mice were treated with refametinib (25 mg/kg every day, by o.g.) and pictilisib (75 mg/Kg every day, by o.g.), as single agents and in combination, for 4 weeks. Thereafter, tumor growth was followed without any further treatment until the 20th week. Data are means ± SD of ten mice in each group

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