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Table 1 Major drug resistance-related proteins which have been reported as regulated by CK2 (via direct phosphorylation and/or control of the protein amount)

From: Role of protein kinase CK2 in antitumor drug resistance

Protein Function Phospho-site Phosphoryl. by CK2 Protein level controlled by CK2 REF
ABCG2 MDR efflux pump    Yes [15]
AKT (PKB) Ser/Thr kinase Ser129 Yes   [16,17,18]
ARC Apoptosis repressor Thr149 Yes   [19]
BRD4 Epigenetic regulator and transcription cofactor   Yes   [20]
CDC37 Co-chaperone protein Ser13 Yes Yes [21]
EGFR Receptor tyrosine kinase    Yes [22]
FLIP Inhibitor of apoptosis    Yes [23]
GLI2 Transcription factor    Yes [24]
HMGA1 DNA replication, transcription, heterochromatin organization   Yes   [25]
HSP27 Chaperone protein    Yes [26, 27]
HSP70 Chaperone protein    Yes [26]
HSP90 Chaperone protein Thr22 Ser225 Ser254 Yes   [28, 29]
IKBα NF-κB inhibitor Ser32 Ser36 Yes   [30]
MDC1 DNA repair (DSB)   Yes   [31]
MRE11 DNA repair (DSB)   Yes Yes [32]
MRP1 MDR efflux pump Thr249 Yes   [33]
NF-κB p65(RelA) Transcription factor Ser259 Yes   [22, 30, 34,35,36]
p53 Tumor suppressor Ser392 Yes Yes [37,38,39]
P-gp MDR efflux pump Ser665 Ser669 Ser681 Yes Yes [28, 40]
PTEN Lipid phosphatase Ser370, Ser380, Thr382, Thr383, Ser385 (*) Yes Yes [41,42,43]
STAT3 Transcription factor Ser727 Yes   [36]
Survivin Inhibitor of apoptosis    Yes [44]
TAp73 Tumor suppressor Thr27 Yes Yes [45]
Topoisomerase I DNA structure and function regulation Ser506 Yes   [46,47,48]
Topoisomerase II DNA structure and function regulation Ser1106 Yes   [49,50,51,52]
XRCC1 DNA repair (SSB) S485/T488 and S518/T519/T523 Yes   [53,54,55]
XRCC4 DNA repair (DSB, NHEJ) Thr233 Yes   [56]
  1. The quotations refer to the publications reporting a CK2-dependent regulation of these proteins in a drug resistance context. (*) Sites are reported in ref. [57]