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Table 1 Curcumin an anticancer agent in several tumors

From: Curcumin: a therapeutic strategy in cancers by inhibiting the canonical WNT/β-catenin pathway

Type of cancer Actions Type of study References
Benign prostatic hypertrophy Improved quality of life, reduced symptoms Pilot product evaluation study [29]
Breast Inhibition cancer progression, decreased levels of VEGF Phase I clinical trial [30]
Chronic myeloid leukemia Reduction of nitric oxide levels Randomized controlled trial [31]
Colorectal Decrease inflammation (TNF-α), increase p53 Phase I clinical trial [32]
Colorectal Reduction in tumor growth Phase I clinical trial [33]
Colorectal Decrease PGE2 levels Phase I clinical trial [34]
Colon carcinoma Growth inhibition Randomized controlled trial [35]
Intestinal adenoma Diminution of adverse effects Randomized controlled trial [36]
Pancreatic Inhibition of toxicity profile of tumors Phase II clinical trial [37]
Pancreatic Diminution of NF-ϰB pathway Phase I clinical trial [38]
Prostate Increase survival Randomized controlled trial [39]
Prostate Enhanced antiproliferative efficacy and targeting Randomized controlled trial [40]
Ovarian carcinoma Increased cytotoxicity Randomized controlled trial [41]
Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Decrease inflammatory mediators Randomized controlled trial [42]