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Table 4 Clinical relevance of YBX1, G3BP1 and SPP1 in RCC by western blot

From: The interaction of YBX1 with G3BP1 promotes renal cell carcinoma cell metastasis via YBX1/G3BP1-SPP1- NF-κB signaling axis

  YBX1 expression Spearman’s r
Correlation coefficient
p Value
  Up Down
 Up 26 0 0.537 0.002
 Down 4 2
 Up 29 0 0.803 <0.0001
 Down 1 2
  1. Note: The expressions of YBX1, G3BP1 and SPP1 were quantified and comparedbetween RCC tumor (T) and paired adjacent normal tissue (N). The relative ratioT/N > 1 was defined as “Up”, and T/N < 1 was defined as “Down”