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Fig. 7

From: Cardamonin inhibits breast cancer growth by repressing HIF-1α-dependent metabolic reprogramming

Fig. 7

Cardamon inhibits tumor growth and the protein expression of HIF-1α and its metabolism- related target genes in the MDA-MB-231 xenograft model. a Cardamonin (3 mg/kg) significantly inhibited tumor growth. Scale bar, 10 mm. b Cardamonin (3 mg/kg) significantly inhibited tumors volume. The size of tumor was measured every three days and calculated according to the formula: [length × (width) 2]/2. c Cardamonin (3 mg/kg) treatment reduced the tumor weight. d Cardamonin (3 mg/kg) treatment had little effect on the body weight. e, f Cardamonin (3 mg/kg) reduced the ratio of Bcl2/Bax and enhanced protein expression of cleaved caspase 3 in tumor tissues. g, h Immunohistochemistry assay data showed that cardamonin (3 mg/kg) inhibited the protein expression of HIF-1α, LDHA and CD31 in tumor tissues (200×). i, j Western blotting analysis showed that cardamonin (3 mg/kg) inhibited the protein expression of HIF-1α, PDHK1 and LDHA in tumor tissues. k, l Cardamonin (3 mg/kg) inhibited the protein expression of p-PI3K, p-AKT, p-mTOR and p-p70S6K in tumor tissues. Data are shown as mean ± SD; *, P < 0.05, **, P < 0.01; ***, P < 0.001, ns means no statistical difference, compared with control. n ≥ 4

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