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Fig. 3

From: A novel asymmetrical anti-HER2/CD3 bispecific antibody exhibits potent cytotoxicity for HER2-positive tumor cells

Fig. 3

Cytotoxicity of M802 in vitro. (a) The coated PBMCs were incubated with SK-BR-3 target cells at different E:T ratios (1:1 to 20:1), and lysis was measured after 48 h via FACS, based on nuclear uptake of PI. The lysis rate of SK-BR-3 cells reached the maximum when PBMC coated with M802 antibody at the E:T ratio of 5:1 or more, but not with control antibodies. M802 mediated redirected lysis of human PBMCs to cancer cells expressing HER2. HER2-positive cancer cell lines SK-BR-3 (b), BT-474 (c) and NCI-N87 (d), HER2-negative breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-231 (e), Herceptin-resistant cell line JIMT-1(f) and non-cancer cell line (HEK-293 (g) were incubated in the presence of different concentrations of M802 with PBMCs at the E:T ratio of 5:1

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