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Table 4 List of diseases and functions at the biological, molecular or cellular level that are the most representative of the altered molecules exhibited in bladder cancer. The selected IPA score based on p-value and number of molecules altered in bladder cancer; more specifically, p-values is calculated based on the number of molecules altered in a given pathway divided by the total number of molecules from a specific pathway or biological processes

From: Connecting the dots between different networks: miRNAs associated with bladder cancer risk and progression

Function Name p-value #Molecules
Top Diseases and Bio Functions Organismal Injury and Abnormalities 4.85E-02 – 5.80E-14 16
Reproductive System Disease 3.30E-02 – 5.80E-14 12
Cancer 4.62E-02 – 1.75E-13 14
Inflammatory Disease 1.49E-02 – 2.42E-08 9
Inflammatory Response 4.64E-03 – 2.42E-08 8
Molecular and Cellular Functions Cellular Development 4.99E-02 – 1.60E-05 9
Cellular Growth and Proliferation 4.99E-02 – 1.60E-05 9
Cellular Movement 2.15E-02 – 4.20E-05 5
Cell Death and Survival 4.99E-02 – 1.55E-03 7
Cell Morphology 2.15E-02 – 1.55E-03 3