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Fig. 4

From: MEIS2C and MEIS2D promote tumor progression via Wnt/β-catenin and hippo/YAP signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma

Fig. 4

MEIS2 regulated miR-1307-3p expression. a The correlation between the mRNA expression of MEIS2 and miR-1307-3p in HCC patient cohort. Pearson’s correlation analysis was used. b miR-1307-3p expression were detected by qRT-PCR after transfection of indicated siRNA in HCC cell lines. c The predicted putative MEIS2 binding site on miR-1307 promoter by using JASPAR ( d Dual luciferase reporter assays of various recombinant miR-1307 promoter vectors were co-transfect with different isoforms of MEIS2 and its coactivator PBX1 in HEK293T cells. Relative luciferase activity was determined by normalizing the activity of Firefly against Renilla luciferase. e ChIP assay was performed to examine the association of MEIS2D and PBX1 with the potential MEIS2 binding site in different miR-1307 promoter regions (3 KB), as determined by qRT-PCR

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