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Fig. 2

From: A pilot study of alternative TrkAIII splicing in Merkel cell carcinoma: a potential oncogenic mechanism and novel therapeutic target

Fig. 2

a) Representative RT-PCR reactions demonstrating predominant levels of 100 bp TrkAIII compared to 300 bp TrkA RT-PCR products in MCPyV positive (MCPyV+) MCCs grouped by individual patient (P) generated from TrkA exon 5–8 primers (Upper and middle RT-PCRs) plus exclusive 300 bp TrkA RT-PCR products generated from MCPyV negative (MCPyV) MCC, BCCs, SCCs and normal skin samples, using the same primers. All reactions were performed using undiluted RT reactions from FFPE tissue RNAs (500 ng) (10 μl loads per lane). b Representative direct PCR sequence of the TrkAIII exon 5–8 splice junction in a RT-PCR fragment generated from a stage IV MCPyV positive MCC (patient 1 (i)), using the exon 3–8 primer set

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