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Fig. 2

From: Impact of Docetaxel on blood-brain barrier function and formation of breast cancer brain metastases

Fig. 2

DTX-pretreatment in balb/c nude mice increases CNS metastatic load after intracardiac TCs injection. a Experimental setting of the animal model. b Representative HE and immunohistochemical (wide-spectrum cytokeratin) stainings of established tumor foci (original magnification 10x or 20x). c, d Representative IF-stainings of microenvironmental changes surrounding established tumor foci of different sizes and treatment groups: staining for (c) astrocytes (GFAP), d microglia (Iba1) (images taken with the Eclipse 80i fluorescent microscope; scale bar, 50 μm). e, f One way ANOVA with Kruskal-Wallis test for CNS tumor foci count performed either in (e) HE- or (f) wide-spectrum cytokeratin IHC-staining. Statistical analysis was done using GraphPad Prism software

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