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Fig. 3

From: Impact of Docetaxel on blood-brain barrier function and formation of breast cancer brain metastases

Fig. 3

Permeability analyses of DTX-treated mice in-vivo do not show signs of increased leakage. a Exemplary IHC-stainings of murine IgG using brain sections of DTX-treated vs. control mice (original magnification 20x). b Representative images of ultrastructural NVU-imaging: ECs (indicated by *); TJs (indicated by ➔); perivascular axons (indicated by <=; mitochondria (indicated by >); basement membrane (indicated by .--.); erythrocyte (indicated by e). Images taken using Tecnai Spirit BioTWIN FEI EM at 120 kV, with 4 K CCD camera. c-e DCE-MR imaging heatmaps of treated vs. untreated mice for in-vivo permeability analysis. Statistical analysis was conducted using student’s t-test, subset analysis for three different groups as depicted in the methods section

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