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Fig. 6

From: Impact of Docetaxel on blood-brain barrier function and formation of breast cancer brain metastases

Fig. 6

qPCR, WB and ICC target analyses of DTX-treated bEnd5-cells. a Differential mRNA expression analysis by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) of three independent experiments, treated (N = 3) vs. ctrl (N = 3) ECs, using unpaired student’s t-test, GraphPad Prism software. b Analysis of WB data (N = 3 treated vs. N = 3 ctrl) using unpaired student’s t-test. Exemplary images of respective bEnd5 cell-pellet IHC-stainings (original magnification 40x). c Respective immunoblots used for statistical analyes of WB data, each pair of −/+ represents a biological replicate

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