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Fig. 1

From: NANOG helps cancer cells escape NK cell attack by downregulating ICAM1 during tumorigenesis

Fig. 1

Sphere-forming DU145 cells exhibit tumorigenic potential by escaping from NK cell attack. (a) AD- and SP-DU145 cells were transplanted onto SCID mice treated with an anti-asialo GM1 Ab for NK cell neutralization or control IgG. The respective tumor volumes were measured over time (n = 4, *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, Student’s t test). (b and c) The NANOG expression levels in AD- and SPDU145 cells were compared by real-time RT-PCR (b) and western blot (c) analyses. Real-time RT-PCR was performed in triplicate. (**P < 0.001, Student’s t test)

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