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Table 3 Effect of MCPIP1 on miRNA expression. Selection of positively and negatively regulated miRNA by MCPIP1. Negative regulation of miRNA by MCPIP1 was analyzed either by overexpression of ZC3H12A (more MCPIP1 protein leads to diminished amount of miRNA), or ZC3H12A silencing (less MCPIP1 protein results in miRNA accumulation)

From: Activity of MCPIP1 RNase in tumor associated processes

miRNA Experimental model Reference
 miR-155a Jurkat T cells Suzuki et al., 2011 [26]
 miR-16a THP-1 Suzuki et al., 2011 [26]
 miR-21, −26a, −107, − 182, −146a, −17-5p, −135b, let-7 ga HepG2, HEK293T Suzuki et al., 2011 [26]
 miR-20b, miR-34ab HUVECs Roy et al., 2013 [29]
 miR-3613-3pb BE(2)-C human neuroblastoma cell line Boratyn et al., 2016 [31]
  1. asilencing of MCPIP1 increases miRNA level
  2. boverexpression of MCPIP1 decreases miRNA level