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Fig. 1

From: Role of mitochondria and cardiolipins in growth inhibition of breast cancer cells by retinoic acid

Fig. 1

Characteristics and sensitivity to ATRA of the breast cancer cell-lines used in the study. a The panel illustrates a dendrogram of the breast cancer cell-lines used in the study. Clustering of the cell-lines is based on the basal gene-expression profiles determined for each cell-line by NGS (Next Generation Sequencing). b The panel illustrates the sensitivity of each cell-line to the anti-proliferative action of ATRA defined by application of the ATRA-score model. The higher is the ATRA-score value the higher is the sensitivity of the cell-line to ATRA. The horizontal lines indicate the ATRA-score threshold values used to define the cell-lines characterized by high, intermediate and low sensitivity to ATRA. The cell-lines marked in blue are characterized by a basal phenotype, while the ones marked in red are endowed with a luminal phenotype. ER = Estrogen receptor; HER2 = Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2; TN = Triple negative

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